Three’s company

We’re a small team with big ideas, here to help your brand speak its mind.


Bootstrap Design Co. is built on hard work, collaboration, creativity, and concept driven design. In today’s crowded marketplace it’s important to develop a visual brand that clearly communicates who you are, what you do, and why you matter.





We start with understanding your brand and what makes it different.


We take a look at your market to see who’s doing it right, who’s doing it wrong, and how we can do it better. 


This is where listening and leaning come together to develop visual branding based on who you are and why you matter. 


Your success is our success. Once your brand is out in the world we’re here to help as your brand grows and evolves.


Our work consists of brand strategy, naming, visual brand development, print design, interior branding, website design, motion graphics, exhibit design, product development, illustration, photography, videography, event branding, and social media advertising.


Bill Krowinski   Founder / Creative Director / Designer

Bill Krowinski
Founder / Creative Director / Designer

Abbey Hlista  Art Director / Designer

Abbey Hlista
Art Director / Designer

Shelby Kirk  Designer / Illustrator

Shelby Kirk
Designer / Illustrator