JH: Mechanics of a legend

JH: Mechanics of a Legend melds the language of mechanics, century old ballads and primary historical records to explore the legend of John Henry. A diverse team of artists joins forces with theater making company, Hiawatha Project, to measure the myth, the man, and the machine, revealing a poetic and dangerous truth inside the machinations of history.

The posters and marketing material for JH: Mechanics of a Legend were created with the American machine age in mind. The strong typography and simple imagery helped to illustrate the passion and tenacity of not only the story of the play but the people and characters behind it.

A Hiawatha Project Original Play
Directed by Anya Martin
Devised by Kyle Bostian, Tom Driscoll, Delana Flowers, Monteze Freeland, and Anya Martin with Angela Baughman and Britton Mauke



Poster Design
Marketing Collateral


Arts and Not-for-Profit

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